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2023 SXF Features

SDS Adventures is excited to be one of the only rental companies in Montana and Idaho offering a demo rental of ZF Sprockets 127" kit! Check out ZF Sprockets webpage for kit details.

Check out our standard features for more details on bike specifics. 

Snowbike Kit:

2024 ZF Sprockets USA 127"


DID VX3 520 Chains - Riveted


ZF Standard Ski



Stock '23 KTM Engine


Fixed Strut


LCI 2.5 Gal

More Info:

This snowbike starts the season with just 4 hours on the engine and no hours on the ZF Sprockets 127 Kit. It is fully fitted out with all the standard goodies plus a few extras listed below!

Other features:​​

  • Apache Dry Storage Box with Master Links & Jump Starter

  • Medium Risers and Heated Bars with Voyager Pro GPS & Buddy Tracker

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