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Snowy Mountains

Rental Snowbikes

Welcome to our snowbike rental selection, where we offer a range of high-performance snowbikes designed to elevate your winter adventures. We don't just provide you with a snowbike; we offer a full bike package to ensure your safety, comfort, and enjoyment in the backcountry.

Our snowbikes come equipped with a carefully curated list of essential accessories to enhance your riding experience. Here's what you can expect when you rent one of our snowbikes:

  • Thermostat: Our snowbikes are fitted with a thermostat to help regulate engine temperature, ensuring optimal performance in varying conditions.

  • Heated Bars: Stay warm and comfortable on the coldest of rides with our heated handlebars, allowing you to maintain full control even in frigid temperatures.

  • Bark Busters: Protect your hands from trees, limbs and flying debris with sturdy hand guards.

  • Rad Guards: Keeps the radiator safe and free from damage with our bulletproof radiator guards, so you can confidently tackle any terrain.

  • E-Start and Fuel Injection: Say goodbye to the hassle of kickstarting! All of our model year 2018+ snowbikes feature electric start for effortless starting. All of our machines are fuel injected for top performance at all altitudes.

  • Booster Pack and Jump Starter: We've got you covered in case of a battery emergency with a booster pack.

  • Extra Fuel Can: Extended rides are no problem. Our snowbikes come with extra fuel capacity for longer adventures, and we even offer larger main fuel tanks for those who crave more miles.

  • Dry Storage (Apache Box): Keep your essentials safe and dry in our secure Apache Box storage, ensuring your gear remains protected from the elements.

  • Safety/Backcountry Gear: Safety is our priority. Our snowbikes are equipped with a comprehensive first aid kit to provide peace of mind during your backcountry excursions.

  • Upgraded Drive Chains with Spare Master Links (or Belts): Our snowbikes are equipped with upgraded drive chains and spare master links for reliable performance, new every 100 hours and each season.

  • Toolkit: Our toolkit includes the essentials for any minor adjustments or maintenance needs during your ride.

  • GPS Navigation: All of our bikes include a Trail Tech Voyager Pro unit with Buddy Tracking.

When you choose one of our snowbikes, you're not just getting a means of backcountry transportation; you're embarking on an adventure, fully prepared and equipped for the challenges of the winter wilderness. We've thought of everything so you can focus on the thrill of the ride. Rent from us for an unforgettable snowbiking experience!

2022 CRF450R SB

2022 CRF450R & '23 TS ARO3 Pro


Multi-day and Weekly Rental Rates Available

2014 CRF450R with 2016 Mountain Horse

2013 CRF450R & MTN Horse


Multi-day and Weekly Rental Rates Available

*Kickstart Only*


2018 CRF450R & TS ARO LE


Multi-day and Weekly Rental Rates Available

KTM SB_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

2023 KTM450 & TS ARO3


Multi-day and Weekly Rental Rates Available

All Rentals Require $1000 Credit Card Hold

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